Sunday, October 23, 2016

Top 10 Largest Companies in The World in 2016

Having a high-rise building and luxury did not guarantee the company's large and successful. Large and successful companies  is not only have many employees but have made their lives so much better. Here are the 10 largest companies in the world in 2016 version of Forbes.

1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China

2. China Construction Bank, China

3. Agricultural Bank of China, China

4.  Berkshire Hathaway, Unites States

5.  JPMorgan Chase, Unites States

6. Bank of China, China

7. Wells Fargo, United States

8. Apple, Unites States

9. Exxon Mobil, Unites States

10. Toyota, Japan


Friday, October 21, 2016

15 Facts About China That Will Shake Your Head

The following are some facts about China that you need to know, it's look like a crazy but this is reality.

1. Shanghai, One Of The Most Jammed City In The World



2. Worst Polluted Country in The World



3. Chinese People Are Very Intelligent Frugality




4. Countries With High Abortion Rates in The World



5. Boiled Eggs Using Male Urine Water



6. China Soldiers Putting Needles in Their Collars to Keep Them Upright



7. Almost all the Pandas in The World Comes From China



8. 10.000 Cats Every Day Eaten by One of The Provinces in China



9. Every year 20 Million Trees Felled, to Make 80 Billion Chopsticks



10. In China, Cigarettes Have Killed 1 Million People Every Year



11. 30 Million People in China Live in Caves, More Than the Population of Saudi Arabia



12. 8 Billion Socks That are Made Every Year in China



13. The Suicide Rate in China is More Than Twice the Number of Suicides in the US



14. China Food System is Able to Feed Nearly 25% of the World Population


15. Half of the Pigs in the World Come From China